5 reasons to train at the Deliciously Raw Kitchen


Give me your passion for raw food and i will teach you the rest


inspiring ideas
  1. Inspiring Creativity

We want to help you achieve your ideas so place emphasis how you can adjust recipes to take into account your own preferences, your location and availability of local produce.


2. Finding some quiet space

Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

The kitchen is located in one of England’s last ancient woodlands, in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. A beautiful timeless and inspiring environment surrounded by walks, trails, forest twisted roots, streams and ponds, bursting with wildlife and wild edibles.

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Hand on instensive food experience

3. Hands-on intensive raw food mastery

Emphasis is placed on a personal approach with small group sizes. You will have your own workstation with access to professional level equipment. All training is personally taught and led by Deborah who will support you in every step of your training. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with others in a live creative kitchen environment.

Kitchen equipment

4. Fully equipped professional

Fully eqiupped professional equipment

The Deliciously Raw Kitchen has all the latest equipment you would expect to find in a professional raw food kitchen such as masticating juicers, high speed blenders, dehydrators, a thermomix, food processors, cold-smoking gun, chamber vacuum sealer, immersion blenders, sous vide, anti-griddle, ice cream makers, paco-jet and slicing tools such as mandolins and turning sheet slicers. It can be useful to experience the equipment to discover what is really necessary before you invest.


5. Practical classes underpinned by
culinary theory

Practical classes

Whilst raw plant-based cuisine breaks the mould in terms of how food is created, we use common reference points that you would find in classical cookery to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind raw food preparation. Courses take a structured approach enabling you to build your knowledge and with confidence. Through the course programme you have the opportunity to produce raw food to an advanced level and create and adapt recipes of your own.


Deliciously Raw Kitchen emphasises the use of quality organic fresh nutritious ingredients combined with teaching you the skills to be able to prepare them well.

We have a wide pantry of rare condiments and seasonings for you to experience.  We are able to source some pretty amazing ingredients. 

We are lucky to have some fabulous organic market gardens in our area. 

Depending on the time of year, there may be produce in our veggie beds, herbs and edible flowers in the garden. There is also food that can be foraged from the surrounding woodlands.


More than ever today people want to learn to prepare raw plant-based food well and with confidence. Whether for wellness retreats, delis and restaurants or for personal catering, there are a growing number of global opportunities for people who can prepare raw food well. These professional intensives are suitable for those who enjoy a hands-on approach and the courses are accredited by The Vegetarian Society, UK.  

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