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Level three: professional Raw Chef mastery Certification

Previously known as ‘Taste’

Duration: 5 days (38 hours) | Place: Forest of Dean, UK

Deb helped me immensely with my particularly weak area which was presentation and plating. My raw food ability and confidence has improved by leaps and bounds.
— Patrick Knight, South Africa -

Deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills


If you are interested in delicious raw food then there is no one better than Deborah. Quite simply her food is fantastic.

- Pete Cohen, Author, Motivational Speaker and Weight-loss Guru (GMTV)

Level Three provides you with the technical knowledge and expertise to make delicious plant based raw food at an advanced level focussing on developing mouth-watering and visually stunning raw food suitable for entertaining, fine dining, professional menus and popup events. 

You will make three menus; a small supper menu for six, fine dining for twelve and a pop-up menu suitable for 30 plus. 

You will complete the programme by developing your own menu showcasing the broad range of techniques you’ve learned throughout Levels One to Three and putting your creativity to the test. 

Level Three aims to:

  • Provide you with expert knowledge in innovative raw food preparation and techniques suitable for different settings  

  • Enable you to demonstrate sophisticated and challenging dishes

  • Hone your culinary skills to become more creative in flavour development, composing menus and designing exquisite presentation for different dining experiences.


The Deliciously Raw studio has all the latest equipment such as a smoking gun, chamber vacuum sealer, sous vide, anti-griddle, paco-jet and slicing tools which you will be using on this training.


Vegetarian Society Approved

On successful completion of the course, participants will receive Professional Raw Chef Mastery Certification Level Three approved by The Vegetarian Society.


Deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills

Skills you will learn

Building a menu

The art of plating and presentation 

Skills for fine dining and pop-up events

Advanced principles of taste and flavour balancing 

Developing depth and layers of flavour

Creating a range of flavour profiles for different world cuisines

Formula balance and blueprint adaptation

Raw chef mathematics

Working with dietary restrictions 

Use of advanced raw food kitchen equipment; slicing tools, sous vide, cold- smoking, compressor, anti-griddle, paco-Jet, Isi-Whip   

Advanced pantry preparation

Enhanced raw stock-making

Reductions and concentrates

Infusions, emulsions and soups

Fermentation and dehydration

Cold-smoking and sous vide

Whipped textures, mousses and aerated sauces

Candying and dusts

Precision work and manipulations

Wrappers and handrolls



Low temperature BBQ and cold-smoked flavours

Advanced sauces, butters

Plant-based dairy

Mascarpone cream, ice cream, 

Aged tree nut cheeses

Advanced cheese plate presentations 

Building a Menu 

Menu planning 

Shared plates

Complex multi-component mains

Complex multi component desserts

Advanced cheese plates

Fermentation and dehydration 

Precision work and advanced slicing 

Sous vide


Whipping and pacotising

Pastry work


Advanced fermentation and preserving techniques 

Cold pickling, mustards, fermented chutneys


I now feel confident creating my own recipes and hosting a raw pop up dinner….“I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to take the raw food skills to a new level or have a week of fun in the kitchen with like-minded people.
— Evelyn Cribbin, UK -

Who attends?

People attend the Deliciously Raw LIVE programmes for different reasons. Here are just some of them.  

  • Raw food enthusiasts and hobbyists who want a practical experience in making more delicious raw food

  • Health and wellness professionals who would like to incorporate plant-based raw food into their practice or repertoire    

  • People thinking of launching a new catering or food business

  • New career, second or third career seekers who would like to explore healthy raw plant-based food

  • Qualified chefs of any level wishing to increase skills and knowledge in raw plant-based vegan cuisine

  • Chefs working in health, fitness, retreat or hotel spas 

  • Personal chefs, luxury yacht chefs or chalet chefs looking for ideas and inspiration 

  • Food bloggers, food writers and food stylists

  • People starting a career as a professional plant based and/or raw chef

  • People interested in eating more raw plant-based food as a growing trend and would like to learn to incorporate more raw plant-based food into their everyday

  • People wanting a deeply practical experience after online training.  

We recommend that you complete Raw Chef Level Two or the online Diploma in Raw Chef Mastery Level Two before enrolling on Level Three.

A huge unexpected gain was learning about the fine dining aspect of raw food. I had sort of dismissed it as not really being for me and not something I could use in my own business. How wrong was I?
— Rosie Tait, UK
I have yet to meet anyone as infinitely creative with decadent raw food recipes as Deborah Durrant. I would wholeheartedly recommend without hesitation.
— Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach”

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