The secret of making a fluffy raw cauliflower rice

cauli rice.jpg

There has been something of a fashion recently for raw cauliflower rice. I was not a particular fan of it when I first tried it. It was whizzed up in the food processor and was so heavy and indigestible. It tasted of cruciferous veg and I don't mean that in anyway as a compliment. Let’s not kid ourselves, raw cauliflower rice prepared in this way is not a substitute for cooked fluffy rice or a creamy risotto. Not to me. However, it does have its uses and is essential to low carbohydrate eating moments.

There had to be another way. There is always another way.

Fast forward to now and I can make raw cauliflower rice that is light, fluffy and also flavoursome and doesn't leave you feeling so heavy that you feel like you will go to your grave with it .

What’s the secret?

A nut milk bag.

This is what I do.

In a food processor using the 's' blade, whizz up small raw cauliflower florets with a good pinch of sea salt.

Once whizzed, put the mashed cauliflower florets into a nut milk bag and squeeze. You will be surprised how much liquid you will remove.

Once you have removed as much liquid as you can, put the cauliflower into a bowl and season to your taste.

I like to add freshly ground black pepper, a splash of rice wine vinegar, a medium madras style curry powder and a few peas.

You could also add any dressing of choice.

Or aromatic herbs and fresh red chilli.

Or miso.

Or vegetables.

Or coconut.

Fluff it up a bit with a fork.



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