Create your own natural aroma diffuser

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Everyone loves a fresh smelling environment. It’s easy to transform your home into a haven of sweet-scented calm with a make-at-home natural aroma reed diffuser.

Most commercial air fresheners and reed diffusers are made with synthetic fragrances.

If we are moving towards a cleaner lifestyle with plants, then the last thing we need is to be pumping our homes and noses full of unwanted chemicals. This make-at-home version with natural oils are also better for people who suffer from allergies.

Natural aroma reed diffusers can add different moods to your home. Try making different blends to suit different areas of your home.  


A small bottle (I used a miniature gin bottle)

6-8 rattan reeds

Base oil

Rubbing alcohol

25-30 drops of essential oils


First choose your bottle. I’ve used a miniature gin bottle and decorated it with some leftover ribbon. Bottles that are shorter in height with a small opening at the top work best, so your essential oils are slower to evaporate.

Next choose your reeds. Rattan reeds are a good choice because they draw your infusion up the length of the reeds and allow the aroma to be diffused readily into your room. You can buy bulk packs of rattan reeds online in different colours.  

Decide on your base oil. I use sweet almond oil, but you could use fractionated coconut oil or grapeseed oil - all of which are all thin enough to be conducted by the reed.  

Add your rubbing alcohol. This also goes by the name surgical spirit and can be purchased from a hardware store. You could also use vodka. The purpose is to thin down the oils and fuse them all together.

Then choose your own essential oils. I’ve chosen a combination of grapefruit, cedarwood, lavender and ylang ylang for my fragrance. This blend is wonderfully grounding, calming and soothing. Try it.



Base oil

4 tablespoons sweet almond oil

1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol or vodka

Essential oils

16 drops grapefruit

4 drops cedarwood

6 drops lavender

3 drops ylang ylang



Add the sweet almond oil with the rubbing alcohol to the bottle. Add the essential oils and give it a good shake so it is well-amalgamated.  Add the reeds to the bottle. After an hour switch the reeds to the other way up so the oil infuses throughout the length of the reeds.

Every few days, turn the reeds upside down to refresh the scent.


PRO NOTE: Use fewer reeds for a lighter, more subtle fragrance.

CAUTION: Do not allow the oil to come into contact with polished, painted or fabric surfaces as it may stain.

reed diffuser.jpg